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Michael and Tanya Toledo both started their Real Estate careers in 2001. After attending college at LMU, Tanya fell into a mortgage career which led her to Real Estate shortly thereafter. She hasn’t looked back since. Michael started in Real Estate after a brief run in the automotive business, he capitalized

on an opportunity to work with a friend who was having great success in the Real Estate market. From his first open house and escrow, Michael knew this was the career for him.

Michael and Tanya met while working at Remax OTB Estates in Sherman Oaks in 2007. It was during this time that Michael recalls, “I knew she was going to be my wife.” They got married in September 2011and both moved to Teles Properties to sell homes on the Westside of Los Angeles. Michael says, “After we got married we joined forces and became

The Toledos, and now we’ve spent the last five years working on the West Side together.” They had their first daughter, Charlee in December 2013 and are expecting their second child in October.

As a real estate team, Michael and Tanya Toledo complement each other perfectly. “We’re a really great team, and we love working togeth-er. He enjoys the listing side of it, while I really like dealing with buy-ers,” says Tanya. “I cultivate the re-lationships with the clients. They become my friends, and that’s how I do my business.” Tanya has even gone on ski trips with clients before. They do all of their business from referrals, past clients, open hous-es, door knocking and Zillow. She say’s, “When I do an open house our goal is to pick up at least two buyers and one seller.

”What makes The Toledos stand out from the rest is their dedication to growing their business, their dedi-cation to go above and beyond for their clients, and their dedication to building long lasting relation-ships within their community. “My husband door knocks in Westwood every day,” says Tanya. Over the years, the two have built solid rela-tionships with both clients and other REALTORS® in the Los Angeles area. “People know us; we have our bench ads and my husband plays on the Teles softball team. We’re here to serve,” Tanya says, “No matter if it’s real estate or anything else, The Toledos are here to help. Our business is our life, but we like that.” Tanya and her husband are excited to see how their business has grown and where it’s going to go.It’s these qualities that have earned Tanya and Michael the reputation for being top agents in their area. They want their clients to know that whenever they have any real estate needs, they can always call The Toledos.

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